How does it work?

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Nowadays PLC programmers are affected by a common issue, the fact that they have to program and debug locally.
We know that there are products on the market that let you work remotelly, but all of them are expensive and needed of an active internet conection, wich is a monthly cost.

M2Smart comes here to solve both problems, it’s a exclusive tecnology that let’s you program without buying expensive harware neither having a secondary active internet connection. You will only need three things:

  • 1 Access point
  • 1 Smartphone
  • M2Smart Software

Only with those things, you will be able to program and debug remotely your plc’s and machines, avoiding innecessary trips that costs you money and time.

How does it work?

Like most of excellent idea, it’s secrets it’s simplicity. To program PLC’s you have to be on LAN with them, so the working diagram is like this:

We get Smartphone – PLC connection throught the access point and a hotspot, and then we get Smartphone – Maintenance Computer connection throught an VPN.

All that is possible thanks to our M2Smart app and cloud system, with deals with both sides to set the connection and make you don’t worry about technically details and focus on your job.

Simple. Efective. Succcessfull!